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Study Finds 1 in 5 Dogs Has Parasites: How To Stop The Spread of Worms

(BPT) - If you’re like 68% of dog owners, your pup has become even more of an emotional companion during the pandemic. You love your pup so you’ve stayed on top of tick and flea medication and are trying to remain diligent in scheduling annual exams with your veterinarian. But even great dog owners may not put much thought into other, less talked about health risks like intestinal parasites and worms which can not only make your pup really sick, but can also infect humans.

A recent study found an uptick in the prevalence of intestinal parasites in dogs across the country, which is a big concern for pet parents. With dog owners reporting they're 11% more likely to take their dog more places after the pandemic, it's important to know the risks public places can pose and take necessary steps to keep your dog and family healthy and free of worms.

Something's wormy: Eye-opening findings…
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