Parenting Made Easier: Tips to Having a Happy and Successful Family

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Parenting Made Easier: Tips to Having a Happy and Successful Family is a book of simple parenting tips the author (Diane D. Norgard) found and used over the years that, when she remembered to use them, worked!

Like every other parent she ran into the problems of being a parent: tantrums, children refusing to eat, refusing to sleep or to sleep alone, dealing with a child’s boredom, and basically how to keep them surviving well in this ever changing world.

At some point she realized, ever changing or not, some things she had watched her parents and mentors do had worked and still held true. Trying these herself she found what worked and what did not. She took this time to share these pearls of wisdom with you. Like herself, when you remember to use them they might just work.

This from S.C. : “My husband and I are almost finished with this book. I’m sure we’ll reference it a lot! I love the usable examples of how to handle some of our more challenging parenting opportunities. More than once while reading I said, ‘oh, I didn’t think of that’  I like it when people share their successful actions with me so I think giving it as a gift is great, or promo it as giving yourself a gift. Either way, I suggest getting it.  Enjoy!”

By Rossin Agami,  2019

“In very few pages and simple words, Diane D. Norgard changed my viewpoint entirely.   Parenting can be easier than I thought!

“In our modern world full of different and contradicting educational trends and methods, it is very easy to get stuck on a variety of viewpoints, making it impossible to know what is best or what we should be doing.

“No big fancy words, no big titles, and no labels.  Honest words based on experience, observation and good judgment clearly communicate the essence of this book.  These are real stories, successful actions and functional ideas that work in the real world.

“What I liked the most about it was that it is written by a real person, a mother, an educator, and a counselor.

“”I found something valuable in every chapter, in every story.  I found that by putting this knowledge into actual practice with my three children, the result is easier, simpler management of our day-to-day life.  Every single chapter can be experienced in the real world.  It doesn’t matter how it is labeled in our modern world, it doesn’t matter what society expects from us parents, I have found theses concepts work.  This works.

On top of it all, reading this book was very enjoyable and fun.

“Now I have new ideas and a new approach.

“Thank you Diane, this book is a gem!”



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